SKORA! Run Real and Marry Me!

SKORA! Run Real and Marry Me!

The Smell of new shoes X’s two! Yes that is me, smelling my new shoes by SKORA! Yes I do odd things like this all the time so you better get used to it.  Anyone else smell their new shoes??? Just me? Well they smell AWESOME but do they feel and perform as good? Hell yes! After the first run, my feet asked me to ask Skora to MARRY them! This is no One Night Stand people! Seriously, after a few test runs this might be a union of holy Injection Blown Rubber and toe socks that none could break. I picked up the Base and Core versions and took them out to the local running track to see how they felt and performed. My Skora Honeymoon! Click me above to enter the wonderful world of Skora Running! or if the thought of clicking me turns you off……. click that –> and HEY! they are having a sale right now!


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