Close to 4 years ago (maybe more, maybe less, I’m not blessed with a sense of time..at all.)  I was about 200 pounds and smoked a pack and a half of cigarettes a day, yes a common tale in the running community!  I had chest pains that scared the shit out of me, and I would get them from just lounging about,  every morning I gagged so hard I would almost would throw up, something had to change.  I got on the nicotine patch and kicked the habits ass.  Next it was the chest pains. The way I looked at it:  I needed to do something healthy.  So I started running, and I was fairly certain I would drop dead because of the damage I did to my heart from smoking all those years, but I didn’t care.  I put on my brown jogging pants and got out there.   And after the first Km, I felt like I was going to die…. But now, its 4? years later and I’m training for my first marathon, and I am going to front foot strike the whole damn thing.  Mind you I just decided to do longer distances this summer, as I liked the 5km races (that I have been doing for years) and the 10 km training fit nicely with my schedule (more on that some other time) So here I am, smoke free, fresh feeling lungs, no more chest pains and a passion for running.  I’ve been through a lot of injuries and have taken some technical “Good Form Running” lessons because of that.  I love to share what I have learned, and I hope you do too! Knowledge is power.  I also do all my own stunts and take all my own pictures for this blog (unless mentioned/credited otherwise) Well that’s me:  Move Forward.


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